Gardening Supplies For Your Greenhouse Setup

Greenhouses can open up a plethora of exciting gardening opportunities for you. They are fantastic, all-year round gardens that allow you to extend the growing season for almost the entire year. So, now that you’ve decided to take your hobby of gardening a step further and embark on the exciting adventure of setting up a greenhouse, you need to equip your brand new greenhouse with gardening supplies, accessories and materials.

Common greenhouse accessories

Putting up your greenhouse is only the first step of your indoor gardening venture. You need many other accessories and materials to make your greenhouse operational such as humidity and temperature control, lighting, watering, sanitation, storage and even benches. Find more info on

Gardening Basics: You can start equipping your greenhouse with basic gardening supplies like pots, trowels, seedlings and containers for growing mediums. Instead of regular pots, you can also use biodegradable pots; however, ensure that you store these in a waterproof container.
You can store growing medium in large containers or plastic tubs that have tight lids and when you want to use the medium, you can mix it in smaller containers that are easier to handle and carry around. The containers with airtight lids will protect your growing medium from any pathogens, insects and their eggs.

Benches: You can equip your greenhouse with shelves or benches to keep your plants on. However, do paint all wooden surfaces in the greenhouse with semi-gloss paint that will make cleaning easy and also prevent any growth of mold.

Watering: The most vital requirement for your greenhouse plants is water. If your greenhouse is a small set-up, then you can water all your plants by hand using a watering can and if the setup is very big, then you can equip your greenhouse with a drip irrigation facility. Do not water the plants directly using a hose-sprayer. This may cause the growth and dispersion of mold spores.

Drainage: Drainage is a very important aspect of greenhouse gardening. Ensure that the benches are slightly tilted to allow the water to drain off or has plenty of slats or holes that allow the water to trickle through.

Sanitation: Your greenhouse must be kept very clean and well-sanitized at all times. Sanitation in the greenhouse is very important and the infiltration of insects, fungus or bacteria can ruin all your precious plants and that can be rather frustrating. Make sure you keep disinfectant sprays and bleach ready at hand to keep your greenhouse pest-free.

Lighting: Most greenhouses require artificial lighting to light the plants suitably. You can light your greenhouse with fluorescent lights if there is no natural sunlight in the greenhouse on most days or if the plants require longer periods of light. Use fluorescent lights that can be raised as your plants grow. There are special greenhouse lights that are available but may be too expensive for small-sized greenhouses.

Ventilation: Keeping your greenhouse light and airy is vital. A couple of vents in strategic places can help in releasing the humidity and heat during summer. You can also install thermostatically controlled vents and exhaust fans. Automatic ventilation systems are more expensive but are a great advantage when it comes to preventing excessive heating or cooling. Also, they help in saving time. A well-ventilated greenhouse is a must to keep your plants healthy and attractive.

Climate Control: If you plan to grow plants in your greenhouse all year, you may have to equip the greenhouse with an evaporative air cooler or a heater. Even if your greenhouse is solar-efficient, sometimes the weather may be so cold that you may require auxiliary heat to keep your plants at an optimum temperature. Heaters are pretty inexpensive and are ideal for heating small spaces.

You can make use of simple fans to cool your greenhouse, to circulate the air and remove the hot air from the enclosure. For precise control of your greenhouse environment, you can make use of hygrometers and thermometers with climate control.

Shades: In bright sunlight conditions, especially during summer, it is a great idea to use artificial shade for shade-loving plants. You can make use of shade cloths and protect your delicate plants from the piercing hot rays of the sun.

Supplies and accessories are very important components of greenhouse gardening and now that you are aware of all the things that go into setting up a beautiful and healthy greenhouse garden, you can set out on your greenhouse gardening voyage and enjoy the gardening season all through the year.

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